Mudichu: A Story of Chance Encounters and Craft Revival


“Mudichu” that translates to “knot” is  a project that brings to life my passion to revive crafts, recognize skill, empower and create independent women.

What started out as a Sunday brunch, turned into a session of nostalgia when I met Mrs. Vani, who showed me a bag that she created 16 years ago.


If you lived in South India, you may remember this one from the 90’s. These bags were the norm. We carried them to the markets, to school and everywhere in between. Then came the Age of the plastic bags, and suddenly this art form became unwanted and unappreciated.

Over countless discussions, I realized that this was my chance at reviving this lost and unvalued art. Going back and forth over colors, weave patterns, size and other technicalities, I zeroed in on three very special totes for this edition.


This capsule collection features the Fuchsia Rose, Sunshine and Spearmint totes inspired by Chennai at noon – when the city looks ablaze and its colors are ever so vibrant. Keeping  with my aesthetic, each bag from the Mudichu collection is thoughtfully designed, minimal and completely handcrafted using traditional Indian weaving techniques, that create to last.






These timeless pieces can be purchased here. Every bag you buy encourages the growth of this indigenous craft while empowering the woman creating it.


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